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Here at Los Angeles Southwest College, we strive to instill goals and aspirations into our student-athletes. The Athletic Department expects each student-athlete to achieve the following:

Be a highly disciplined and responsible individual

  • Work hard to achieve the goals of the Athletics Department
  • Receive an AA degree or a Certificate or Completion and transfer to a 4-year university
  • Achieve a 3.0 G.P.A. or better
  • Complete all lower division general education requirements to transfer to a 4-year University
  • Become a more responsible and mature adult
  • Exhibit the highest quality of sportsmanship
  • Become a first-class competitor with a high-quality attitude toward: opponents, teachers, teammates, coaches, fellow students and school personnel

We also encourage our student-athletes to keep their priorities in order. Academics always comes first. Athletics is secondary, followed by their social lives. Maintaining a positive image is also key to a successful Athletic Department. We teach our student-athletes never to do anything that would embarrass their team, themselves, their parents or their school.

We teach our athletes to be a winners on and off the court or playing field. Our student-athletes know that their main goal is to prepare to succeed in: life, college and athletics. Striving to maintain a positive image and prioritizing life choices will help to create both an outstanding athlete and well-rounded individual.


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