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Math, Science, Health, Kinesiology & Nursing Division
Dr. Tangela Alfred
School of Science, Room 104 E

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Math, Science, Health, Kinesiology & Nursing Division

Natural Science Student

Receive More Personalized Attention

Have individualized support from our dedicated instructors that will give you a strong foundation in math, natural science, kinesiology, nursing, and other health careers while you discover new and dynamic concepts and principles to put you ahead of the competition!

Mathematics Department

There are plenty of opportunities to thrive with a career in Math and Computer Science. Learn from our supportive faculty while you earn degrees in mathematics and computer science and challenge yourself with courses such as Statistics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations.

Natural Science, Health, & Kinesiology Department

Explore all of the degrees and certificates we have to offer that will give you the foundation to seek a career in the fields of Natural Sciences, Health, and Kinesiology. Study our physical world, from anatomy to microbiology, and live your best life through discovering more about health, physical activity, and kinesiology. 

Nursing Department

Registered Nurses and other healthcare careers are among the top occupations in the country. You’ll receive extensive support services in LASC’s Nursing Department so you can be successful in this challenging and extremely rewarding career.


Division Dean

Dean Dr. Tangelia Alfred  
School of Science Building
Room 104E
LaTanya Drake
Administrative Assistant to the Dean 
School of Science Building
Room 104

Division Support Staff

Ruben O. Villanueva
Secretary for Natural Sciences, Health, and Kinesiology
School of Science Building
Room 104
Safir E. Larios-Ramirez
Secretary, Mathematics Department
TEC Building
Room 310
Senior Office Assistant for Nursing Department
SoCTE, Room 132