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Engineering (SC)

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Tackle Big Problems and Solve Everyday Challenges

Devise machines that can effectively capture and remove large quantities of carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere. Create a bionic eye that can work with a patient’s optical nerve to allow them to see clearly. Discover a way to keep food fresh longer without losing its nutrients. Install and test manufacturing hardware to ensure a plant can start its operations. Finding solutions to everyday problems is at the heart of engineering.

Engineers are the logically-minded, problem-solving thinkers that have created solutions to human problems and needs, such as efficient waste disposal, ultrasound machines, subway systems, food safety standards, computer chips, and so much more. Engineering is at the core of a functioning society and is needed when any new issue occurs. Careers in engineering have high job satisfaction, are very profitable, and are always in need. Engineering is a job that will always keep you engaged!

Careers in Engineering

Engineers often work in offices or laboratories and visit operation locations to assist in solving any issues that arise. Engineers often use highly-sophisticated computer software programs to help them build and solve problems. 

Here are some occupations and their salaries you could have with a degree in Engineering: 

Career information below taken from November 2019. Go to for most current career information.

Research, design, develop, test, or supervise the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. 

Data for Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Bachelor's Degree $112,630/year $54.15/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
None needed 5% increase
(as fast as average)


Design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for managing industrial production processes, including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics and material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination.

Data for Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Bachelor's Degree $107,140/year $51.51/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
None needed 4% increase
(as fast as average)

Carry out the plans that environmental engineers develop for solutions to environmental problems using the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry.

National data

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Associate Degree $53,840/year $25.88/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
None needed 7% increase
(faster than average)

What You’ll Learn at LASC in Engineering 

LASC has a Pre-Engineering program where you can receive an Engineering Skill Certificate to use as a core foundation to launch your Engineering career. Our program will help you develop logic and critical-thinking skills alongside mathematical and academic knowledge so you can confidentially problem-solve tough challenges:

  • Discover the job functions and professional factors that go into an engineering career, from effective teamwork techniques to time management methods so you can work collaboratively and productively.
  • Learn the properties of common building materials such as steel, cement, and wood and understand the conductivity, electrical conductivity, density, strength, and durability of these materials.
  • LASC provides internships so you can build your career connections and create ties in the community to use after you graduate.
  • To transfer into an Engineering program at a four-year college or university, visit the Transfer Center and your academic counselor to review your coursework and choose a university that best fits your needs. And, by taking Pre-Engineering from LASC, you will save money on your first two years of college!


Degrees & Courses You Will Take

Review LASC’s Skill Certificate in Engineering and our suggested course of study for this program. Go to LASC’s current Course Catalog for specific course information:

Total Units Required: 16

The Engineering and Technology discipline offers a Pre-Engineering program leading to a skill set that includes instruction in three foundation courses that are required of several engineering majors such as civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. The skillset can be achieved in one semester with completion of 8 units provided that all relevant course prerequisites have been met. Students are required to complete each listed course with a grade of “C” or better.

Required Courses: Units
ENG GEN 101 Introduction to Science, Engineering & Technology
ENG GEN 131 Statics 3
ENG GEN 151 Materials of Engineering 3

Get Ready Before You Start

Before your first class starts at LASC, you can start preparing for your career in Engineering Graphics:

  • Make an appointment with your LASC academic counselor to review LASC’s program, begin your Student Education Plan (SEP), and discuss what additional support services and opportunities you can be a part of to succeed, including Math Lab and peer tutoring. And, talk with your counselor about what you will need to do to transfer to get a bachelor’s degree in Engineering so your transfer 
  • Still in high school? Take as many math, science, and computer science classes as you can. Make sure you have a good understanding of them, and, if needed, find tutoring to get tips and pointers in order to succeed.
  • Once you’re at LASC, make sure to get involved with off- and on-campus clubs and organizations, such as Phi Theta Kappa and Toastmasters. Become a student ambassador, or run for student body government. Getting involved builds new relationships and show potential employers you are dedicated to being a leader and are eager to be a part of new experiences.