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Student reading

In Today’s World, Reading is Essential

We gain much of our knowledge, every day, from reading social media, blogs, and news articles. Taking Reading courses is key to success in college and life in general. LASC reading courses will help you synthesize what you have read so that you can talk and write about them in your own words. 

You can take reading courses at LASC to help you learn to digest college textbooks in a variety of subject areas, including math and science. You can also learn about different majors and what career you might want. And, you will have the opportunity to research, synthesize, and reflect on a topic related to your major. 

Courses offered in Reading at LASC 

You can review the courses below, as well as go to LASC’s current Course Catalog for specific course information.

22 Effective College Reading (3) 

NDA Corequisite: English 20A 
Lecture: 3 hours 

Students improve their abilities to read a variety of texts written at a 7th to 9th-grade reading level. They practice identifying topics, main ideas, and supporting details as well as patterns of organization and transitional devices. They also practice summarizing the main points of texts in their own words. Increasing students' vocabulary knowledge is another important goal of this course.


25 Reading for College Success (3) 

Prerequisite: Reading 22 
Lecture: 3 hours 

Students review reading skills and strategies necessary for college success, including reading for main ideas, determining organizational patterns of details presented and drawing logical conclusions in paragraphs and short essays. Readings and vocabulary studies are in the 9th- to 11th-grade range. Students are introduced to more critical reading skills (determining the author’s purpose, tone, point of view, and intended audience) and literary concepts (interpreting figures of speech, characterization, plot, setting, and theme).


29 Reading Across the Curriculum (3) 

Recommended: English 21 or Reading 25 
Lecture: 3 hours 

This course provides practice in the reading and study skills most essential for understanding and retaining material in college textbooks. Students read, organize, and summarize selections from college textbooks in a variety of subject areas and have the opportunity to research, synthesize, and reflect on a single topic related to their possible major. Continued vocabulary development is an important aspect of this course. Students focus on learning new words at the 12th-grade level, review vocabulary-in-context, and develop word analysis skills.


98 Academic Reading (3)

Corequisite: English 101
Lecture: 3 hours

This class is designed as a support course for English 101 students who may benefit from comprehension and critical-thinking instruction. It prepares students for academic reading and critical-thinking skills needed to write on a college level. Students read a variety of texts ranging from textbook materials to novels to non-fiction.


101 Power Reading (3) CSU 

Prerequisites: English 28 or Reading 25 
Lecture 3 hours 

Students improve their abilities to read a variety of authors and disciplines appropriate to the college level. They will practice critical reading skills, analyzing, summarizing, and evaluating texts. Students will increase their word power, mastering more difficult vocabulary found in college texts.