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Dream Resource Center

Welcome to the Dream Resource Center!

Los Angeles Southwest College's Dream Resource Center embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms and aims to be a resource for undocumented immigrant students and their families. We want to empower and support you to achieve educational and personal success. 

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More about the Dream Resource Center: At the Dream Resource Center, we can offer you many services including:

  • Academic Counseling - You will have access to our incredible counselors who can talk with you about:
    • Career options and recommend careers that match your interests and skills. 
    • Arrange your class schedule and create an education plan 
    • Advice on student support services to succeed in college. 
    • They are your resource! So, talk with them about life, school, work, or whatever is on your mind.
  • California Dream Act and AB 540 Affidavit Application Assistance
  • Receive FREE individual counseling at LASC’s Student Mental Health Services
    • Addressing academic, emotional, developmental, social, relationship. or other personal issues. 
  • California Nonresident Tuition Exemption (AB540 Affidavit) Application Assistance – allows you to pay in-state or resident tuition. 
  • Residency Status Questions
    • We offer workshops and one-on-one counseling services to keep you up-to-date on all of the legal matters you need to know about.
  • Enrollment and Registration Assistance

Immigrants Rising is committed to serving undocumented communities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They put together this list of resources to help undocumented immigrants navigate the crisis.

The state Chancellor's Office has created this tip sheet.

We are committed to providing resources for you to continue your education, and scholarships are a great way to get money for college! Take a look at all of the opportunities available to you:

  • Immigrants Rising Download a list of Undergraduate Scholarships that don’t require proof of citizenship or legal permanent residency. This up-to-date list, organized by the deadline, contains scholarships at the local, state and national levels.

Step 1:  Apply to LASC today! 

Step 2: Submit a Dream Act Application (CADAA)  

Contact the Dream Resource Center if you need help applying. 

  • The LASC School Code is 0074700

  •  The priority deadline is March 2nd

Step 3: Complete an AB 540 Affidavit (also known as a California Nonresident Tuition Exemption)

  • Submit it 

  • to Admissions and Records Office, Room 102, SSB

  • with your official High School Transcripts or High School Equivalency Certificate

Step 4: Develop Your Student Education Plan with a college academic counselor or one of our Dream Center counselors to help you achieve your goals.

Step 5: If you do not meet AB 540 guidelines, visit us to explore other options 

The Undocumented Ally Training is a network of Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) faculty, staff, managers, and students that are committed to providing support, education, and understanding to our LASC undocumented students.

To be an Ally, you must attend a three-hour training that includes the following:

  • Overview of history, laws, and policies affecting undocumented students
  • Review of statistics on the undocumented student population
  • Provide information about resources for undocumented students on campus
  • Reveal the lived experiences of undocumented students
  • Discuss and practice what it means to be an ally to undocumented students
  • Opportunity to connect with other LASC community members to share ideas on supporting undocumented students

Are you interested in getting FREE immigration legal assistance through Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)?  CHIRLA is offering FREE immigration legal services for the LASC Dream Resource Center every other Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Click here to schedule your appointment.

If you would like to find out about more services,  please email us at

Los Angeles City College

Phone: (323) 343-4367​


East Los Angeles College


Phone: (619) 701-6420


Los Angeles Harbor College


Phone: (213) 761-8976


Los Angeles Mission College


Phone: (818) 833-3599


Los Angeles Pierce College


Phone: (818) 869-4563


Los Angeles Southwest College


Phone: (323) 241-5051/5052


Los Angeles Trade-Tech College


Phone: (213) 763-5552


Los Angeles Valley College


Phone: 818-778-5998


West Los Angeles College


Phone: 310-287-4310


CSU Dream Centers

CSULA Glazer Family Dreamers Resource Center


Phone: (323) 343-4367​

CSUN ​EOP Dream Center


​Phone: (818)-677-7069

​CSUDH​ Toro Dreamers Success Center


Phone: (310) 243-2782

UCs Dream Centers

​UCLA Undocumented Student Program​

Phone: (310) 206-2980​

UCI​ Dream Center


Phone: (949) 824-6390 ​

UCR​ Undocumented Student Program​


Phone: (951) 827-2193

LASC Dream Center Counselors Roxana M. Guzman Cholan and Dulce I. Marquez Ortiz