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International Student Program

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Welcome International Students To Los Angeles Southwest College!

Thank you for letting LASC be a part of your academic journey! You will find a vast selection of exceptional transfer degrees, associate degrees, and certificate programs to choose from to help you complete your educational goals. 

Whether you want to continue your education at a four-year university or graduate with a certificate or two-year associate degree to start working in your chosen career, at LASC we are committed to helping you get there! LASC makes it easy to transfer to public and private four-year colleges and universities with yearly transfer and career fairs, guaranteed transfer agreements with local and national universities, and a Transfer Center staff who can help you find information on the best universities with your program of study and to connect you with representatives from those universities.

If you are interested in getting a bachelor’s degree or beyond, you can save a lot of money by going to LASC for your first two years in college. Take a look at how much it will cost you to attend LASC and compare that to local private and public four-year colleges and universities. Going to LASC first will save you thousands so you’ll have more money to spend towards getting your bachelor’s degree.

You will get a lot for your money, too. At LASC, you will have the opportunity to get an outstanding education and connect with our widely-diverse student body on our newly renovated campus that is located minutes away from the beach and from the heart of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Because we are a two-year college, we have smaller class sizes giving you more one-on-one attention with our exceptional instructors. And, unlike four-year university instructors who need to balance research projects with teaching responsibilities, our instructors are completely focused on your success.

Go to college in one of the U.S.’s largest cities, join student clubs, meet engaging people, work out at our gym, cheer for LASC Cougars’ sports teams, and fulfill your academic dreams. It is all waiting for you here at LASC!

Below you will find useful links and webpages that you may need during your time as an LASC International Student.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


SEVIS website – Student and Exchange Visitors Information System
USCIS website – United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (FORMS)
DOS website – Department of State
DHS website – Department of Homeland Security
AILA website – American Immigration Lawyers Association
DMV website – Department of Motor Vehicles
Foreign Embassies in the U.S.
Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk

Steps to Apply

Here’s what you’ll need to do to apply to LASC as an International Student. Contact us at the International Student Services Office if you have any questions along the way.

Be familiar with the dates and deadlines of each term for the 2019-20 Academic Year, as well as when you need to have your application into LASC.

Please note mail can take up to 3 – 6 weeks to travel internationally, so please plan accordingly:

As an International Student, you will need to show you have the available funds to cover your living and enrollment expenses to attend LASC for the academic year (see Step 4: Prepare Your Documents below). To help you with this, we’ve listed the fees and estimated costs for living near LASC.

  • LASC’s Fall Semester starts our Academic School Year. Attending LASC for Fall and Spring semesters is considered one Academic Year which is nine (9) months long.

  • Winter and Summer terms are optional and are often used by students to help them get ahead, make sure they graduate on time or take classes they need that are normally full.

  • LASC accepts International Student applications for Fall and Spring terms only.

International Students are required to attend LASC as full-time students, meaning you will need to enroll in at least 12 units each Fall and Spring semester for a minimum of 24 units per Academic Year.

Mandatory and Optional Fees to Attend LASC

Tuition, Medical Insurance & Mandatory Fees
Cost per Unit for International Students
$320 per unit
Cost Breakdown Per Unit:
   International Tuition (Foreign Students)
   International Capital Outlay Fee
   Enrollment Fee

$265 per unit
$9 per unit
$46 per unit

Total Cost:               $320 per unit
International Medical Insurance Fee – Fall & Spring $695 per term
International Medical Insurance Fee – Summer Only $351 per term
International Medical Insurance Fee – Winter Only $183 per term
Health Fee for Campus Health Services $11 per Fall / Spring terms
Associated Student Organization ‡ (ASO)

$1 per Fall / Spring terms
SEVIS (Students & Exchange Visitor In the U.S.) Fee $25 one-time fee
LASC International Student Application Processing Fee $50 one-time fee
Optional Fees:
General Student Parking Permit  – Fall / Spring

$20 per term
General Student Parking Permit  – Winter/Summer $7 per term
Associated Student Organization ‡ – Fall / Spring $7 per term
Associated Student Organization ‡ – Winter/Summer $3 per term
Official Regular Transcripts* $3 each
Official Transcripts – RUSH** $10 each
Audit Fee (instead of Enrollment Fee) $15 per unit

*** All fees are subject to change by the California State Legislature ***

 Find out more about Parking Permits.
* Official Regular Transcripts: allow 3-5 business days processing time
** Official Transcripts – RUSH: same day processing time
‡ Find out more about Associated Student Organization (ASO) fees.

Here’s an estimate of how much a nine (9)-month Academic Year costs based on taking a minimum of 24 units. This estimate does not include taking additional units, enrolling in Winter or Summer terms, or the Optional Fees listed above:

Item Costs for Fall/Spring Item Estimated Costs for 9 months
Tuition & Enrollment $7,680 Housing & Food $14,000
Medical Insurance $1,390 Books & Supplies $1,400
Student Fees
(Health, SEVIS, ASO $1 & Reg. Fee, App Processing Fee)
$87 Transportation (Metro) $387
Column Totals: $9,157   $15,787
Estimated Cost of Attending LASC for one Academic Year: $24,944

Contact us if you have any questions about these fees.

You will need to show you are capable of speaking, reading, and writing in English by submitting a qualifying score from an English Proficiency Test (see Step 4: Prepare Your Documents below).

Here are the English Proficiency Tests we accept at LASC:

  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language (
    • LASC’s Institutional Code is 4409 – the department is 00
    • Minimum qualifying scores: 420 (TOEFL), 45 (iBT), 133 (CBT) or 450 (PBT)
  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System (
    • Minimum qualifying score: Band 5
  • iTEP: International Test of English Proficiency (
    • Minimum qualifying score: 4.0
  • STEP EIKEN: Society for Testing English Proficiency (
    • Minimum qualifying score: Grade Level 2A
  • TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication (
    • Minimum qualifying score: 500
  • If a student’s language of instruction was English, a test score may be substituted with a signed letter on school letterhead from the director of the institution stating such. Proof of successful program completion from a certified Language School.
In addition to completing an International Student Application (see Step 5), you will also need the following documents:
    • Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months past the time you intend to leave.
    • You can mail or email a copy of your information page in color or black/white.
    • Contact your country’s embassy in the U.S. to find out how you can renew your passport or get a new one in case yours is lost or stolen during your stay so you know what you will need to get a new one.
    Include one (1) passport-sized photograph taken within the past six (6) months with your supporting documents.
    You will need to send your official academic records, transcripts, or college information.
    • You need to have graduated from high school and must show your certificate of completion
    • If you would like to transfer previous courses you took at your home country college, you will need to go through an external international transcript evaluation service.
    There is a one-time, non-refundable $50.00 USD application processing fee payable from your Student Portal.
    Choose one of these ways to show ‘Evidence of Financial Support’:
    • Submit a letter from your bank, or your sponsor’s bank, on official letterhead stating the average monthly balance you have maintained for the past six (6) months prior to your application submission date. Your bank’s Proof of Funds Verification letter must be in English.
    • Submit banking information on your own that shows yours or your sponsor’s balances for the six (6) month period prior to your application submission date. Make sure it clearly shows you or your sponsor’s name and address on the documentation to clearly identify whose information is being submitted. Bank statements can be in your native language, but any letter describing them must be in English.
    • NOTE: Your bank statements may be submitted in your native language, as we use currency translation software to show us the current market value of any bank statements submitted.
    If you wish to transfer to LASC from another college, you will need to also include the following documents:
    • A copy of your current I-20
    • A copy of your Visa and I-94
    • Official Transcript(s) from the college or university where you were last authorized to attend. These transcripts need to show you were a full-time student with twelve (12) units or more each semester and had a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.0 (grade of C) or better.

Gather all of your official/original supporting documents:

  1. Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) International Student Application (Step 5)
  2. Evidence of your English Language Proficiency (Step 3)
  3. Evidence of Financial Support (Step 4)
  4. Official Academic Records/Transcripts (Step 4)
  5. Application Processing Fee ($50.00 USD) paid via the Student Portal (Step 4)
  6. Passport Information page (Step 4)
  7. One (1) passport-sized photograph (Step 4)
  • If you have any scanned documents, please email them to Alexsandra Ramos at: and include your full name that is listed on your passport and date of birth to ensure your documents are matched with the items being mailed. Make sure you state in your mailed packet what items were scanned and emailed to us.
  • Remember: mail can take up to 3 – 6 weeks to travel internationally.
  • Upon receipt of all required paperwork, we will send you an email informing you of your admission status.

Mail to:

Los Angeles Southwest College
Student Services Building
Room 102E
Attn: International Student Services
1600 West Imperial Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90047-4899

You’ve been accepted to LASC!

Congratulations! Once you receive an email saying you have been accepted to LASC (happy dance!), this means LASC has reviewed and approved your supporting documentation. This is considered a conditional acceptance because there are still a few more steps you need to complete before starting as a student at LASC. Here are your next steps:

The acceptance email you receive from LASC will include information about the Form I-20. A Form I-20 is a Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status form given to you by LASC after your completed International Student Application and supporting documents have been received and approved.

An official Form I-20 will be mailed by LASC to the address you provided us in your application. Be aware, mail can take up to 3 – 6 weeks to travel internationally. Only after you receive your Form I-20 will you be able to apply for your F-1 Visa from a U.S. Consulate office. You must take your Form I-20 with you to your F-1 Visa interview.

How to Apply for an F-1 VISA

Transfer students: if you are accepted to attend LASC, you will need to request an I-20 Transfer Form from the school you are transferring from, as well as make sure to complete any other steps required of your former college.

At this time, LASC does not offer on-campus housing, so looking for a place to live in Los Angeles without being here can be difficult. Below you can explore different ways to find a place to live near LASC. You do not need to find a place to live prior to registering for classes.

  • Homestay Programs – live with an American host family! These programs are arranged through private companies that charge you a fee to match you with a compatible, pre-screened family. Your living arrangements will depend on your personal preferences, as well as those of the host family. Your host family often provides meals, and usually you would have a private bedroom and a shared bathroom with family members. Along with monthly rent and any additional processing fees, a refundable damage deposit is often charged. Prices vary greatly by company and what amenities you have access to. Each company has its own rules and regulations. Applications must be submitted directly to the company and processed prior to your arrival. Some of these companies require full payment in advance.

Global Student Services
Phone: 310-438-7485

USH Student Homestay
Phone: 310-824-4908

  •  – This is one of many websites that show available apartments and rooms around Los Angeles County for rent, lease, or sublease.

LASC does not monitor or administer any of these programs or websites. If you have any questions, please contact the company or website you are working with directly.

Typically, in the U.S., people will ask you to provide first and last month’s rent as your first payment, and possibly a refundable damage deposit, as well, if any cleaning is needed after you leave or for any damages to the apartment during your stay. For a fee, you can also ask a real estate broker to help find an apartment for you.

Beware of scams! Attempting to rent a place through online websites can be done successfully. But, if the price to rent a place seems too good to be true, it often is. Watch out for places where the rent is significantly less than what other places are renting for in the same area. Also, some scams are people who say they recently moved away from L.A., need to rent their apartment, and will send you a key after you first send money. These are just a couple of examples of possible scams, so be a smart online consumer.

  • Health insurance is mandatory for all International Students attending any of the nine (9) campuses within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Per LACCD’s Board Rule, there are no waivers for the provided medical insurance policy for students.
  • As an International Student, your health insurance coverage will be billed to you each term or semester after you have registered for your classes.
  • Detailed information about your health insurance coverage can be found at Gallagher Student Health:

We can’t wait to meet you in person, so please come visit us when you get to campus! Our office is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We will give you an international student program orientation, help you find your classes, talk about different ways to rent or purchase books, let you know about our academic, counseling, and transfer support services, discuss job and internship options available for international students, show you how to join a club, sports team, or student government, and much more.

We wish you safe travels, and look forward to seeing you on LASC’s campus!

Mailing Address for application & documents:

Los Angeles Southwest College
Student Services Building
Room 102E
Attn: International Student Services
1600 West Imperial Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90047-4899

Call or email us with any questions or concerns:

Alexsandra Ramos– Designated School Official (DSO)
International Student Program Contact
Phone: 323-241- 5278

International Students Services Office will demonstrate an understanding of F-1 Visa rules and regulations as they pertain to USCIS. International Students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of USCIS Employment policies.