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Posting Flyers on Campus

Posting flyers on campus

Here's how to get your message out on-campus

For anyone interested in posting flyers around LASC’s campus, regardless of if you are associated with LASC or are from outside the College, you will need to have your flyer(s) approved by the Vice President of Student Services. This includes, but is not limited to: those who are students, faculty, staff, those from student clubs and organizations, and any individuals not associated with a student club, organization, and/or the College.

Here’s how to get your flyer(s) approved and, once approved, where you are able to post them around campus:

  1. Bring the original copy of each flyer you wish to post to the Student Services Office in Room 209 of the Student Services Building (SSB). If your flyer is from any entity associated with Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC), you must include an official LASC logo on the flyer.

    Please request the logo from the Public Information Office.

  2. Once your flyer(s) are reviewed and approved, they will be given a stamp with the Vice President’s approval in the bottom right corner of each unique flyer. Any copies created should be made from this approved original copy. If a flyer is displayed on campus without a stamp with the Vice President’s approval, it will be removed and discarded.

  3. Once your flyer(s) are approved, you can post them on campus on specifically designated blue, wooden bulletin boards around campus, as well as the tables or glass cases overseen by departments or groups. If flyers are displayed anywhere else on campus, such as on doors, windows, walls, etc., it will be removed and discarded. Please see the map below for where these bulletin boards are located on LASC’s campus.

  4. Posting requirements for the designated blue, wooden bulletin boards: There are twelve (12) blue bulletin boards around campus. You are responsible for posting your flyer(s) to the bulletin boards using only blue painter’s tape that you are responsible to provide. You are only allowed to place two copies of the same flyer on each bulletin board, and you may not place flyers on top of other flyers. If there are more than two of the same flyers on a bulletin board, the extra flyers will be removed and discarded, as will any flyers that are placed on top of other flyers.

  5. A flyer will be removed from a bulletin board and discarded after three (3) weeks from the date it was authorized by the Student Services Office. If a flyer is announcing a specific event, then that flyer will be discarded immediately after the event date.

  6. You are not allowed to remove flyers from the bulletin boards. Only authorized personnel are allowed to remove flyers from the bulletin boards.

  7. Reminder: you are only allowed to post flyers to the blue, wooden bulletin boards and tables or glass cases that are overseen by departments or groups. Departments are responsible for the content on their tables and glass cases. Flyers posted anywhere else on campus, such as on buildings, light standards, windows, glass doors, and elevators, etc., will be removed and discarded, even if they have a stamp of approval.

If you have any further questions about posting flyers, please contact the Student Services Office at 323-241-5298.

The blue bulletin boards are located on the map below with an X: 

Campus Map