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Here at Los Angeles Southwest College, we strive to instill goals and aspirations into our student-athletes. Check out athletics website with schedules, scores, rosters and much more here. The Athletic Department, consisting of football and men's and women's basketball teams, expects each student-athlete to achieve the following:

  • Be a highly disciplined and responsible individual
  • Work hard to achieve the goals of the Athletics Department
  • Receive an AA degree or a Certificate of Completion and transfer to a 4-year university
  • Achieve a 3.0 G.P.A. or better
  • Complete all lower-division general education requirements to transfer to a 4-year university
  • Become a more responsible and mature adult
  • Exhibit the highest quality of sportsmanship
  • Become a first-class competitor with a high-quality attitude toward opponents, teachers, teammates, coaches, fellow students, and school personnel

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We also encourage our student-athletes to keep their priorities in order. Academics always come first. Athletics is secondary, followed by their social lives. Maintaining a positive image is also key to a successful Athletic Department. We teach our student-athletes never to do anything that would embarrass their team, themselves, their parents or their school.

We teach our athletes to be winners on and off the court or playing field. Our student-athletes know that their main goal is to prepare to succeed in life, college, and athletics. Striving to maintain a positive image and prioritizing life choices will help to create both an outstanding athlete and a well-rounded individual.

LASC Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) - 2019
LASC Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) - 2020-21

Athletics Department

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Student Services Building, Room 228


Ralph Davis, Dean, Student Services
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Phone: (323) 241-5261