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CDC Parent Handbook (in revision)

Welcome to Los Angeles Southwest College-Child Development Center (LASC-CDC) where we offer Early Education services for families with children 12 months – 4 years of age. 

LASC-CDC was established (in conjunction with our other eight sister campuses) to provide early care and education services to student-parents while attending Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC). The California Department of Education, Early Education and Support Division and The Department of Social Services Child Care and Education contracts the LACCD Child Development Centers to provide subsidized services to families based on ranking, who are income-eligible, show a need for services and meet the priority guidelines.  Family fees determined by our Funding Terms and Conditions or Los Angeles Community College District may apply.  Application are received on a continuous basis!

Application, Ranking Process, Admission

A completed inquiry card and inital applcation for ranking are to be submitted to the CDC to be considered for service/enrollment. An Incomplete application may delay processing. The documents to be submitted are noted with the application and please adhere to what is requested. Ranking, admissions priority and enrollment is based upon the Funding Terms and Conditions of The California Department of Education, Early Education, Department of Social Services Early Care Division and Los Angeles Community College District.  Upon availability or periodically, families will be notified of an open space(s) in a classroom, please respond within seven (7) days, failure to respond will result in enrollment delay as additional contact will be made with the next family on ranking waitlist.  

We look forward to working with you and you family.

Young children learn best....

  • through developmentally appropriate experiences
  • when chilldren are an active participant in their own learning experiences
  • when positive relationships are built and maintained
  • when adults understand relationships are esential to the childs learning experience
  • when each child is allowed to bring and display their own special uniqueness
  • when each child's uniqueness is honored and respected 
  • and when the learning experiences are meaningful and relevant to the child's life

We believe quality early education is the foundation that prepares children for lifelong learning. This is best accomplished in an environment which promotes self-espression, creativity and supports the development of self-control and mutual respect.  Faculty use family input, the latest reseach and best practices to provide developmentally, linguistically and culturally appropriate experiences for young children and families.  Meaningful play experiences are maintained between a balance of structure and spontaneity which help children expand their curosity and self-control, as they master age-appropriate tasks and gain a better understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Child Development Center

Office Hours and Location

Mondays to Thursdays: 7:30AM - 3:00PM
Fridays: 7:30AM - Noon
Saturdays to Sundays: Closed

Child Development Center, Room 121


Marcella McKnight-CDC Program Director
Email: mcknigmd@LASC.EDU
Phone: (323) 241-5000