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2022-2023 Enrollment Application- English
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2022-2023 CDC Parent Handbook

LASC’s Campus Child Development Center (CDC) offers services for children 12 months – 4 years of age. Applications are received on a continuous basis for the current school year. Applications for the following year for Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters, will be accepted beginning the third week of March.

Our Child Development Center was established to provide a service to student-parents while attending Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC). As a participant in this program, the parent has responsibilities towards the children and faculty to assure that the program operates for the benefit of everyone involved. The State of California Department of Education, Child Development Division, contracts the LASC Child Development Center to provide children’s services to families who are income-eligible and/or CalWORKs or State Preschool recipients. (By applying to LASC’s Child Development Center, you are automatically considered for the State Preschool Program.) If your family qualifies for any of these programs and you choose to become a participant, the following policies and procedures are required:

Please note:

  • A minimum of five days of enrollment per week is required for the all-day program.
  • All Program hours and days are subject to change without prior notice.
  • We offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks to all children in our program at no cost during the times they are enrolled. This is a free service of our state-funded Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

  • Priority is first given to children in Protective Services.
  • Priority is then given to four-year-old (4yo) children whose families have the lowest adjusted income at the time of enrollment, then children who are identified as limited English or non-English proficient, children with exceptional needs, and children from families whose special circumstances may diminish the child’s opportunities for normal development.
  • Three-year-old (3yo) children follow using the same priorities as listed above.
  • One- (1yo) & two-year-old (2yo) children follow using the same priorities listed above.
  • Once all 3-4-year-old and 1-2-year-old children have been placed, other children can be considered for enrollment. Other children include children who exceed the age limitation (4yo), children of parent(s) whose income exceeds the income ceiling by fifteen percent (15%) or less for income-eligible families of the same size. These children make up a maximum of ten percent (10%) of the total enrollment.

Below are LASC CDC’s Eligibility Requirements along with the documents needed to verify this information. For lists of acceptable documents, only one (1) within the list is needed, unless otherwise noted:

  • The child’s parents must live and/or work in the State of California.
    • A current copy of gas or electricity bill for the family
  • Upon enrollment, verification of birth is required. The following documents are acceptable:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Passport
  • Upon enrollment, accurate and complete verification of family income is required. Documentation must be submitted within thirty (30) days prior to the first day of enrollment. The following documents are acceptable:
    • Current paycheck stubs for one month prior to enrollment date
    • Notice of Action
    • If self-employed, a signed letter verifying average monthly pays
    • Income Tax Return – only if it has been requested
  • Upon enrollment, all of the following forms, are required:
    • Application for Services
    • Emergency and Identification Information (Emergency Cards)
    • Up-to-date Immunization Record
    • Current Physician Report, within one year of enrollment
  • Once enrolled, official verification of student-parent’s college class schedule and unit enrollment is needed. Also required is a progress report or grade card towards the end of each semester.
  • Parents enrolled in full-day State Preschool are required to show the “need” for childcare. Working full-time and/or attending school full-time meets this requirement. Progress reports and/or grade cards and/or employment verification will be required.
  • An appointment will be scheduled at the time of enrollment to set your vocational goals and objectives.

  • The fees for a student-parent child's enrollment are based on a sliding fee scale *, ranging from approximately $1.00 /hour to $ 2.00 /hour, depending on family gross monthly income and number of dependents. Income level is verified at the time of enrollment. Community Tuition rates range from $3.00 - $5.00 /hour.
  • Our program offers subsidized child care for families meeting the criteria set forth in our State contracts administered by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and the State of California Department of Education Early Education Services Division (EESD), State Preschool Program. Children must be 3.0 years old by September 2nd of the current year to be eligible for subsidized care. Eligibility is based on the family's gross monthly income and number of dependents. Contact the LASC CDC for more information.
  • LASC’s Child Development Center and the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) follow the same school-year calendar: therefore, the Child Development Center is closed when the Community College District is closed. Parents are not charged for the days the Child Development Center is closed.
  • Parents are financially responsible for the program hours that the child is enrolled. There are no reductions or refunds for early pick-ups. When you sign the child fee agreements, you are signing a contract for the full semester. If you decide to withdraw your child, you will be financially responsible until we receive a notification, verbally or in writing, that you are withdrawing.

* The District establishes the sliding fee schedule for community fees.

Applications for enrollment are accepted on an on-going basis. Applications can be obtained directly from the Child Development Center, Child Development Building or online.

  • Once you completed your application, return it to the Child Development Center, with the supporting documents. Applications are kept on file for the current school year. An eligibility list (waiting list) is maintained on an on-going basis and it is used as openings become available throughout the school year.

New applications will be available every day on the second Tuesday of March. All families will be required to submit a new application annually to determine eligibility. All applications submitted will be reconsidered for enrollment.

Your child’s enrollment in our program is guaranteed from the beginning of Fall, or at the time of your enrollment until the end of the Spring semester.

Please contact the Child Development Center at 323-241-5000 during our hours of operation if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to working with you and your family.

Child Development Center

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Mondays to Thursdays: 7:30AM - 3:00PM
Fridays: 7:30AM - Noon
Saturdays to Sundays: Closed

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Marcella McKnight-Acting CDC Program Director
Email: Mcknigmd@LASC.EDU
Phone: (323) 241-5000