Global Entrepreneurship I (SC)

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Program Overview:

Take Your Business to the World

Do you own your own business? Do you want to? Think big and bold with a Skill Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship I. In this exciting LASC program, you will learn how to research business environments and cultures in regions around the world to identify entrepreneurship opportunities and determine the products and services that will succeed in those regions.

You can work for a multi-national firm as an account manager, buyer or sales manager, taking advantage of global travel along with your knowledge gained from this program. Be instrumental in identifying venture growth strategies around the world and creating plans and actions for business development and growth.

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Business and Entrepreneurship

Careers in Global Entrepreneurship I 

In global entrepreneurship, you can own your own company or work for one that conducts business in the global marketplace. There are many careers in this industry that will pay an excellent salary while providing you with a flourishing career.

Here are some occupations and their salaries you could have with a Skill Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship I:

Career information taken below is from November 2019. Go to for most current career information.

Direct organizations' sales teams.

Data for Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Bachelor’s Degree $124,220/year $59.72/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
Less than 5 years 5% increase 405,700

Help public and private institutions organize their finances.

Data for Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Bachelor’s Degree $76,220/year $36.65/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
None needed 4% increase 56,900

Create and maintain a favorable public image for the organization they represent.

Data for Los Angeles/Long Beach/Anaheim

Typical Education Level: Salary: Hourly Median Wage:
Bachelor’s Degree $60,000/year $28.85/hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation: Job Outlook 2018-2028: Number of Jobs 2018:
None needed 6% increase 270,000

What You’ll Learn at LASC in Global Entrepreneurship I

You can get a Skill Certificate through LASC’s Global Entrepreneurship program where you will focus on topics like the psychology of the entrepreneur, the startup global entrepreneurship and venture growth. You will learn how to identify sources for research in global business operations and cultural relevance of products and services.

  • Take your company to the global marketplace or help another company get there with your knowledge of new trends in international trade, marketing products overseas, and global business development.
  • Learn about different cultures and religions and understand conflict and harmony in relation to business culture and practices. Develop a base knowledge in international and intellectual property rights and laws, so you know what’s needed in the global markets you plan to work in.
  • Check out our Business Administration program for even more programs to help you succeed in business, here or around the world. Learn about networking opportunities to help you move forward and consider volunteering to help tutor your fellow students. Check out upcoming events like workshops and global business speakers.
  • LASC provides internships so you can build your career connections and create community ties for after you graduate.
  • LASC leads the way in promoting future business leaders through innovative academic programs, such as the Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) to help educate and connect aspiring business owners to their careers and industry interests. And, LASC was awarded the Entrepreneurial College Award in 2017 by the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) due to its leadership in starting entrepreneurially-minded programs.
  • Want to get a bachelor’s degree? Visit your academic counselor or the Transfer Center to find out how you can benefit from going to a four-year college or university to gain even more skills and education to advance your career.

Degrees & Courses You Will Take 

LASC’s Skill Certificate in Global Entrepreneurship I and our suggested course of study for these programs are listed below. Go to LASC’s current Course Catalog for specific course information:

Total Units Required: 18

Once you successfully complete your certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Learn the process to analyze the opportunities, limitation, issues, and risks of Entrepreneurial Venture.
  • Assess and evaluate the effect of cultural differences on behavior and on different communication approaches to Entrepreneurship.
  • Evaluate the relevancy and reliability of sources in international marketing found through internet searches.
  • Apply knowledge of business, culture, history and social practices to help find their niches in the international business community.
Required Courses: Units
ENTREP 600 Psychology of the Entrepreneur 3
BUS 6 Business Law II 3
ENTREP 601 Entrepreneur Manager/Leader 3
ENTREP 602 Social Technology for Entrepreneurship 3
ENTREP 603 Startup Global Entrepreneur 3
ENTREP 604 Venture Growth Strategies 3

Get Ready Before You Start

Interested in a career in global entrepreneurship? Before your first class starts at LASC, you can start preparing for your career:

  • Make an appointment with your LASC academic counselor to review LASC’s program, start to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP) and discuss what additional support services and opportunities you can be a part of to reach your academic and career goals.
  • Still in high school? Check out your high school’s business clubs and events. Begin networking with fellow students and faculty to learn more about global marketplaces and international business.
  • Once you’re at LASC, make sure to get involved with on-campus clubs and organizations, such as the LASC Entrepreneur Club and Toastmasters, and find out what other business stuff LASC has, which is quite a bit. List the items that would be relevant here]. These create new relationships and show potential employers your commitment to learning about the development of business and new technologies.

Program Learning Outcomes

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