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Admissions & Records
Kimberly Carpenter, Registrar
Student Services Building, Room 102

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Admissions & Records Contacts

All of us who work in Admissions & Records want to make sure you get the help you need when you need it for all of your admissions, registration, transcripts, graduation evaluations, and enrollment questions.

Have you checked our FAQs page to try to find the answer to your question there?

If you couldn’t find your answer there, contact us! You can email or call us, and we will happily respond to you during our office hours. You can also make an appointment through our QLess app to talk with you in person.

Find the person who has the section of the alphabet that has the first letter of your last name. There are representatives to help you with Admissions, Registration, Transcripts, Verifications, and Graduation Evaluations.

Admissions & Records Contacts

Aguilera, Layla (Alphabet A - F) Admissions, Registration, Transcript, Verifications
Phone: (323) 241 - 5465
Admissions and Records Assistant
Arnold, Christopher (Alphabet G - L) Admissions, Registration, Transcript, Verifications
Phone: (323) 241 - 5440
Admissions and Records Assistant
Arnold, Dyan (Alphabet M - Z) Graduation Evaluation
Phone: (323) 241 - 5442
Admissions and Records Evaluator

Becerra, Rocio (Alphabet A - L) Graduation Evaluation
Phone: (323) 241 - 5444
Admissions and Records Evaluator
Brown, Dean (Alphabet M - R) Admissions, Registration, Transcript, Verifications
Phone: (323) 241 - 5443
Admissions and Records Assistant
Carpenter, Kimberly
Phone: (323) 241 - 5466
Paniagua, Oscar (Alphabet S - Z) Admissions, Registration, Transcript, Verifications
Phone: (323) 241 - 5445
Admissions & Records Assistant
Ra'oof, Khadeejah (General Admissions Information)
Phone: (323) 241 - 5321
Admissions and Records Assistant
Torres, Angela
Phone: (323) 241 - 5323