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The Los Angeles Community College District Cadet position is an hourly, part-time, without benefits, uniformed, non-sworn peace officer position with the LACCD assigned to a specific campus.

LASC's Sheriff's Office is housed next to Middle College High School and across from the Student Services Building.

Under the direction of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department and Los Angeles Community College District personnel, the campus Cadet position will provide a full range of services to the campus community.

These services include, but are not limited to: safety services, escort services, law enforcement police desk operations, public relations, clerical/administrative support, investigation assistance, property collection, crime prevention, parking enforcement, hand-held radio use, and other related campus duties. This position may be assigned to assist with security for special events related to the College or the District including special parking enforcement and traffic direction.

  • Enrolled in an Administration of Justice program, or other appropriate program, at a college within the District in accordance with regulations issued by the Chancellor.
  • Full time student (12 units) working part-time and enrolled in at least six (6) units (excluding community services classes) within the District.
  • Full-time student employed in a college work-study program and enrolled in six (6) units (excluding community services classes) within the District; or state or federal funds, or as otherwise provided by grants or other special funds, and enrolled in six (6) units (excluding community services classes) within the Los Angeles Community College District.
  • A strong interest in a law enforcement career, but it not requirement.

Students who wish to become a Cadet can contact the LASC Sheriff Station located next to Middle College High or you can call the station at (323) 241-5311.

Sheriff's Office

Office Hours and Location

Open 24 Hours

Sheriff's Office, Next To Middle College High School


Deputy Ryan Rouzan, Team Lead
Email: @email
Phone: (323) 241-5311
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