K-12 Students

K-12 Registration Process

K12 Students

Jump-start your college experience

Are you a K-12 student who is interested in taking classes at a community college? Los Angeles Southwest College classes can be a great way for K-12 students, especially those in high school, to take more challenging courses and prepare for college.

LASC is fully committed to offering college programs for high school students of unparalleled quality. This enhanced program will take full advantage of the academic and community-oriented faculty and staff has to offer. You will receive:

  • College Credit
  • Free Tuition
  • Free Parking Permit
  • Free Textbooks 

All 9-12 students with the exception of Middle College High School students must complete the K-12 application, which is available below. Once finished, bring the application and a copy of your transcript to the Student Services Building, Room 209, for review, approval or denial. Applicants will be contacted by phone or email with further instructions.

K-12 process to register for LASC classes during COVID-19 outbreak

Los Angeles Southwest College COVID-19K-12 Supplemental Application for Admission Process

Step 1: The student initiates the K-12 application form. LACCD student ID number is required on all forms.*

Step 2: A counselor completes the "College Enrollment Information" section, making sure to identify the ​Term​, ​College Course Subject​, ​Course Number, and Class Number​ (i.e.Health 11 12345).  Counselor prints the name, signs name using Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign or Draw feature, saves the document, and forwards document and a copy of the student’s unofficial high school transcript to lasc-k12dropbox@lasc.edu. Documentation must be submitted by the published deadline in the Schedule of Classes. 

Step 3: Vice President of Student Services will review all K-12 forms and forward them to Admissions and Records. Denied K-12 applications will be returned to the student. Forms submitted after the published deadline will not be approved.

Step 4: Students are responsible for enrolling in the approved courses via the student information system (SIS) portal, during their assigned registration time. Students are responsible for dropping classes that they do not wish to complete.

* New students must complete the LACCD admissions application prior to submitting the K-12 form.

For questions, please contact Admissions and Records during business hours via live chat.


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