Arts & Humanities Department

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Welcome to the Arts & Humanities Department

Develop your artistic side and learn about the many ways we and other societies express ourselves creatively. Through our department, you can study or major in areas such as art, music, theater arts, communication studies, philosophy, and humanities which studies how people throughout history have related to their world through art, literature, music, film, and other forms of expression.

What Careers Can You Have with a Degree in an Arts & Humanities Field?

Please note: Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and to help protect the health and safety of the entire Los Angeles Southwest College community while remaining committed to fulfilling our mission, campus leaders have decided to offer remote and online instruction for the remainder of the Spring Semester. If you have immediate questions, contact the division dean or the department chair whose contact information is listed in the "Contact Us" box toward the top left of this page.

Explore all of your possibilities by looking at each program we offer within Arts & Humanities below. You’ll find the degrees and areas of focus we offer, and just a few of the exciting careers you could have.

Click on any program link to find out what some of these careers pay on average, how much school you’ll need, and what courses you’ll take:

Art Associate in Arts
Careers: Animator, Photographer, Sculptor, Graphics Designer, Art Teacher

Art HistoryAssociate in Arts
Careers: Gallery Assistant, Arts Writer, Museum Public Relations Specialist, Antique Dealer

Arts & HumanitiesAssociate in Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies for Transfer, Associate in Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
         Careers: Counselor, Event Planner, Lawyer, Genealogist, Human Resources Specialist

Communication StudiesAssociate in Arts for Transfer, Associate in Arts
Careers: Public Relations Specialist, Social Media Manager, Sales Representative

MusicAssociate in Arts
Careers: Studio Musician, DJ, Professional Singer, Musical Director, Sound Technician, Music Therapist

PhilosophyArea of Focus
Careers: Journalist, Blogger, Grant Writer, Marketing Manager, High School Teacher

Studio ArtsAssociate in Arts for Transfer
Careers: Art Gallery Manager, Art Director, Interior Designer, Art Restorer, Art Critic

Theater Arts – Associate in Arts for Transfer
Careers: Actor, Lighting Designer, Director, Stage Manager, Makeup Artist


Why Study Arts & Humanities?

Studying these subjects unlocks your imagination and develops your creative side so you can express how you see the world. Expressing how you see things makes it easier for you to relate to how other people see the world, showing you what you have in common, as well as welcoming their differences. Once you understand where someone is coming from, you’re more likely to want to help them, making you a stronger leader, a better communicator, and a more well-rounded person.

Our passionate instructors at LASC are devoted to your success in understanding the principles behind these subjects, and they will steer you through the new concepts of today and the ideas of the past. They will help you channel your creative power and guide your curiosity as you build confidence along the way.

How Will Studying Arts & Humanities Help My Career in Other Fields?

It may seem like these subjects are just fun courses to take between your science or business classes, but studying arts and humanities are more important than ever today for every industry. Our instructors will teach you how to look at cultures and human expression differently to give you a broader point of view. Why is this important?

This wider viewpoint gives you these qualities:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Clearer writing and thinking skills to get your ideas across
  • Good observation skills
  • Finding creative and unique ideas
  • Improved problem-solving skills

Put into practice, you’ll be able to use these skills in any career. You’ll be better able to explore ways to make products and software programs more people-friendly. You’ll get your point across clearer and faster with supervisors and coworkers. You’ll be able to bring new ideas to difficult problems. It’s a degree that can take you anywhere! Regardless of what you want to do as a career, the traits you get from studying arts and humanities give you skills every employer wants.