Grades & Transcripts

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Learn More About Your Grades!

We know you may have questions about how your grades are calculated, how to dispute and improve them and much more.  Get useful information about grades, along with how to request your transcripts.

Here are the grades LASC uses on our transcripts and what they mean towards calculating your GPA. Your GPA is calculated by averaging the points associated with the grade you receive by how many classes you were enrolled in:

Grade Points
A - Excellent 4
B - Good 3
C - Satisfactory 2
D - Less than Satisfactory 1
F - Failing 0
P - Pass* (formerly Credit) At least satisfactory
Units awarded but not counted in GPA
NP - No Pass* (formerly No Credit)

Less than satisfactory
Units awarded by not counted in GPA

Only courses authorized by the Los Angeles Community College District may be given P or NP options.

RD - Report Delayed* Grade filed late or not yet filed by the instructor
I - Incomplete * Incomplete academic work
IP - In Progress * A course that goes beyond the normal academic term
MW - Military Withdrawal * An active military servicemember is called to service
W - Withdrawal *

Withdrawing from a class after two weeks and through 75% of the time the class is scheduled to meet

* See Grading Symbols and Definitions in the current Course Catalog for more information.

If you need to get a copy of your grades, you can use your online Student Information System (SIS) account to get a printout of them. You can also get a grade printout at Admissions & Records during their office hours.

Neither of these is considered a transcript or a verification of enrollment. See Transcript Requests below to find out how you can get official or unofficial transcripts or verifications of enrollment through your SIS account.

We understand. Sometimes you just didn’t get the grade you wanted or were expecting to get. That’s okay! You can have another chance at it. At LASC, you can have up to three chances to improve your grade. Be aware that if you repeat a course, the highest grade earned will be used for your GPA.

If you need to repeat a course for the third time, you will have to petition to show you really need to improve your grade. Find out more about how all of this works by looking up Course Repetition to Improve Substandard Grades in the Course Catalog. We recommend talking with your academic counselor about it, too. They can help determine if it is the best thing for you to do and if it will affect your financial aid.

If you looked at your grades through the Student Information System and noticed a grade was entered incorrectly, find out how to appeal a grade on our FAQs page.

If you want to dispute a grade you disagree with that you received from your instructor, here are the steps you need to take to resolve it:
Step 1: Talk with the Instructor about your grade and why you disagree with it.
Step 2: If you were unable to come to a resolution with your Instructor, you can speak with the Department Chair for that academic program.
Step 3: If the situation still hasn’t been resolved, make an appointment with the Dean of the Academic Department who oversees that Instructor.
Step 4: The Dean may refer you to talk with the Dean of Student Services or the Vice President if you are still not content with the outcome.
Step 5: If you still have no resolution, the Dean or Vice President may refer you to the LASC Compliance Officer. Please review the Grievance Procedures in the Course Catalog for more information.

Transcript Requests 

You can get official or unofficial transcripts that list the courses you took at LASC, the grades you received in them, and your degree(s) and academic honors you may have earned while here. Your transcript will include all of your credit and noncredit courses that you completed at any of the nine colleges within LACCD.

You can also get a Verification of Enrollment, an official document that states you are or were enrolled as a student at LASC during a specific time period.

Transcripts cannot be requested by phone or fax.
You can read detailed information about Transcripts in the Course Catalog.

Official Transcripts & Enrollment Verifications

As a LASC student, your first two official transcripts and/or enrollment verifications are free! You can use them at any point during or after your time here at LASC. If you need your free official transcripts rushed, you will need to pay the $7.00 rush fee for each request.

Once you have used your two free requests, you will need to pay for further requests.

Fees *
Current fees for official transcripts and enrollment verifications:

Official Regular Transcript / Verification of Enrollment: 

allow 5-10 days to be delivered

$3.00 each

RUSH – Official Transcript / Verification of Enrollment:

same day to 4-day processing time ($7 rush fee + $3 transcript fee)

$10.00 each
Credit Card Payment Convenience Fee:** $2.55 each order

* These fees are subject to change without notice. If you are mailing funds, please call Admissions & Records at 323-241-5321 to make sure you send the correct amount.
** The credit card convenience fee is for each complete order. For example, if you order three transcripts, you will only pay the convenience fee once.

Official Regular Transcripts take a total of 5-10 business days to arrive at your chosen destination. From when we receive your request, it takes 3-5 business days to process and 2-5 days to arrive by mail to your chosen destination.

RUSHED official transcripts are only available to request by mail or in person at Admissions & Records. Rushed transcripts can only be sent to you at your address. These transcript envelopes will be stamped that it was “Issued to the Student.” Please check with the institution requesting your transcript before requesting a rushed transcript, as many institutions only consider a transcript official if they receive it by mail from the school of origin. See the
Transcripts section in the Course Catalog for more information.

If you request your transcripts in person, you will receive them right away. Please complete the LASC Transcript Request Form and pay for your transcripts at the Business Office by cash or credit/debit card before signing up for a QLess appointment at Admissions & Records.

If you request a rush order by mail, your transcript will be mailed within two (2) business days from when we received your request at our office. If you need one or both of your free official transcripts rushed, you will need to pay $7.00 for each request. 

If you attended one or more colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) between 1974 and today, you will want to request your transcripts for all of the LACCD colleges you attended from the last LACCD college you attended.

LACCD Colleges include:

  • Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC)
  • East Los Angeles College (ELAC)
  • Los Angeles City College (LACC)
  • Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC)
  • Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC)
  • Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC)
  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC)
  • Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC)
  • West Los Angeles College (WLAC)

Request a Transcript

Transcripts cannot be requested by phone or fax.

You can request official transcripts online and by mail

Online Transcript Request

Do not use the online service if you want to use your two free transcript requests. Please request these in person at Admissions & Records or by mail.
Step 1: Log into the Student Information System ‡
Step 2: Select “Main Menu” from the right sidebar menu
Step 3: Go to the Transcripts & Enrollment Verification box, and select “Los Angeles Southwest College Students”
Step 4: Select “Los Angeles Southwest College” from the dropdown list
Step 5: Click “Submit“
Step 6: You will be asked to submit a valid credit or debit card to complete your request, and there will be a $2.55 convenience fee by National Student Clearinghouse (NCS) to process your card order

‡ If you are unable to log into the Student Information System (SIS) because:

  • You forgot your PIN (your default PIN is the month and day of your birthday, for example, January 15 would be written 0115) or your Student ID number
  • Your account is no longer active
  • It is between midnight and 7:00 a.m. when SIS is not available

You can order your transcripts online 24/7 directly from the NCS website.

Transcript Request by Mail

Step 1: Download, print, and complete the LASC Transcript Request Form
Step 2: Enclose payment (if required):

  • Credit/Debit card information: Name as it appears on the card, credit card number, expiration date, CVC number (3-4 number code either on back of card or below the credit card number), amount requesting to be charged, and cardholder’s signature
  • Money order made out to: Los Angeles Southwest College
  • We no longer accept personal checks
  • Do not send cash

Step 3: Mail to:

Admissions & Records – Transcript Requests
Los Angeles Southwest College
1600 Imperial Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90047

Written Request

You can send a written request instead of printing the Transcript Request Form.
Include the following information, and PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY:

  • First and Last Name
  • Any other names – include spelling variations of your name(s)
  • Social Security Number and/or college-assigned Student ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Dates of Attendance – to the best of your knowledge
  • Number of Transcripts or Verifications of Enrollment you want
  • Address where you want your transcripts sent – you are responsible for providing the correct address
  • Your current address and phone number
  • Call Admissions & Records at 323-241-5321 to confirm the amount of payment required during our office hours, as your request will be returned if it is incorrect or if you have insufficient funds
  • Payment information – pay by credit/debit card or money order: Credit/Debit card information – Name as it appears on the card, credit card number, expiration date, CVC number (3-4 number code either on back of card or below the credit card number), amount requesting to be charged to the card, and cardholder’s signature;
    Money order – made payable to Los Angeles Southwest College

Unofficial Transcripts 

If you owe any Financial Aid funds within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), you will not be able to receive any official or unofficial transcripts or enrollment verifications until all fees are paid, including any fees you may have outstanding for the semester(s) you are currently enrolled in. This also includes the library and any other fees you may owe the college. Your transcript requests will be suspended until these fees are paid in full.

Get an unofficial transcript in five steps:
Step 1: Go to LASC’s website:, and click on Register for Classes.
Step 2: Log into your LASC student portal account using:

  • Your Student ID (SID) number or your social security number
  • Your PIN – your default PIN is the month and day of your birthday, for example January 15 = 0115

Step 3: Once you are logged in, select “Transcript” from the right sidebar menu. It’s usually close to the bottom of the list.
Step 4: Select “Los Angeles Southwest College” from the dropdown menu, and click Submit.
Step 5: Your unofficial transcript will be shown. If you want to print it, click ‘View Printable” near the bottom right corner for a printer-friendly version.

Please contact Admissions & Records at 323-241-5321 if you have any questions along the way.