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Admissions & Records

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Welcome to the Office Of Admissions and Records!

Thank you for choosing Los Angeles Southwest College! We’re so happy you have decided to get an outstanding education with exceptional instructors, staff, and administrators here at LASC. Everyone in Admissions & Records looks forward to helping you get started!

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 Please note: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all admissions and records services at LASC will use Cranium Cafe, a meeting and collaboration platform designed specifically for student support.

  • Students can access Cranium Cafe by clicking the Live Chat button on the department's web page or the counseling and live chat button on the homepage of the student portal. 
  • Students need to create an account, sign in, and can then begin chatting with counselors. Admissions and Records staff will be available on Cranium Cafe during their typical hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 1 pm. Fridays.

The Office of Admissions & Records, also known as A&R, can assist you:

  • Use our computers to apply for admission*
  • Register for classes using our computers or have our staff help you*
  • Get official transcripts*
  • Pick up degrees & certificates
  • Receive a printout of your semester class schedule
  • Ask questions about any of the above items

For your convenience, you can complete these items online, too!

Further online services offered through A&R are:

  • Add/Drop a Class
  • Add yourself to the wait-list for a full class
  • Get unofficial transcripts
  • Retrieve a forgotten or misplaced LASC Student ID number

Student class refund deadline lookup instructions can be found at this link.

Information on how to look up the “Last date to drop with a refund/no fee owed” via the class search function can be found here.

Are you having problems logging into your Canvas account? Contact the Admissions Office using our online chat room.

For more on Canvas, visit our information page.

Students can register for classes online and new students and inactive students who have been away from LASC for a year or more can apply for admission to LASC

Contact us if you need any help with your registration and enrollment.

  • Processing online applications can take up to three (3) days (excluding holidays and weekends).
  • We offer Saturday registration only during the first two Saturdays after the beginning of the semester.
  • We do not accept official college transcripts from students over the counter. Transcripts must be mailed from the college, university, or institution that is providing this information on your behalf.
  • All tuition and fees are paid for at the Business Office. You can use our Net Price Calculator to see how much it will cost you and your family to attend LASC.
  • New Students to LASC must attend an Orientation Session through the Outreach & Recruitment Department before meeting with an Academic Counselor to create an Education Plan.
    • Education Plans are a list of all the courses you need to take each semester in order to meet your educational goals.
  • Continuing Students will receive registration information via their Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) email account. You can also log into the Student Information System to view your registration appointment.
  • For non-residents of the U.S., we offer two ways you can have your tuition fees dropped, if you qualify:
  • International students with an F-1 Visa, or those who wish to become an International Student and have a student visa, visit our International Student Program for more information.

Los Angeles Southwest College COVID-19K-12 Supplemental Application for Admission Process

Step 1: The student initiates the K-12 application form.

Step 2: A counselor completes the "College Enrollment Information" section, making sure to identify the ​Term​, ​College Course Subject​, ​Course Number, and Class Number​  (i.e. Health 11 12345).  Counselor prints name, signs name using Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign or Draw feature, saves the document, and forwards document and a copy of the student’s unofficial high school transcript  to Documentation must be submitted by the published deadline in the Schedule of Classes. 

Step 3: Vice President of Student Services will review all K-12 forms and forward them to Admissions and Records. Denied K-12 applications will be returned to the student. Forms submitted after the published deadline will not be approved.

Step 4: Students are responsible for enrolling in the approved courses via the student information system (SIS) portal, during their assigned registration time. Students are responsible for dropping classes that they do not wish to complete.

* New students must complete the LACCD admissions application prior to submitting the K-12 form.

For questions, please contact Admissions and Records during business hours via live chat.

The deadline to receive an automatic EW non-evaluative grade is the last day to drop with a W/EW for the course (e.g., the end of week 12).

The EW grade will automatically post on your student record after you successfully drop the class. To withdraw from a class, log on to your student portal at and click on the “Manage Classes” tile and select the “Drop Classes” tab from the menu. Follow the instructions to drop the class.

After the last day to drop with a W/EW date, a student who continues to experience personal, professional, or academic challenges due to COVID-19 may request an EW by sending an email from their district email account to the A&R email address.

Students may request an EW grade up to one year.


Student class refund deadline lookup instructions can be found at this link.

Information on how to look up the “Last date to drop with a refund/no fee owed” via the class search function can be found here.

Contact us during our Office Hours at 323-241-5321, or you can email your Admissions Assistant anytime. Just look for the Admissions Assistant who is assigned to your last name. You’ll see Assistants with a section of the alphabet next to their name: Alphabet A-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z.
The Office of Admissions and Records provides services to prospective, new, current, and former students in the areas of admissions, registration, graduation, transcripts, and record maintenance by creating a positive environment that values diversity, multiculturalism, and mutual respect. We are committed to assisting faculty and the college community to provide services and support in meeting the needs of our students to ensure a smooth transition in achieving their educational goals.

Through the Office of Admissions & Records, students will know how to use the Student Portal to view their student records registration appointment and to register/add/drop classes. Those applying to LASC will know how to use the online Admissions application to apply for admission to the College.