Adopt An LASC Family For The Holidays!

Posted on: 03/04/2021

UPDATE: Los Angeles Southwest College's Adopt a Family Campaign exceeded the $5,000 goal set and as a result we were able to adopt 200 children of our student families this holiday season! Each student parent has been emailed a $25 Amazon gift card for every child in their household. The total doubled our original goal of $2,500.

ORIGINAL: This year, Los Angeles Southwest College will be raising funds to adopt our student families in-need during this holiday season. We will be raising funds to provide each family a $25 digital Amazon gift card for each child in their household.

Our First Giving Tuesday at Los Angeles Southwest College had fantastic results thanks to you! We exceeded our fundraising goal of $2,500 to support 100 children in one day and are going to extend our fundraising campaign until Friday, December 11th to see if we can double our impact and raise enough funds to support 200 children. We continue to appreciate your generosity to our students.

Every dollar donated goes directly to our student families to ensure that they can celebrate this holiday season.

If you are able, you can donate using this link:

Giving Tuesday