LASC Recipient Of U.S. Department Of Education PBI Grants Totaling $1.7 Million

Posted on: 10/06/2021

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) has been awarded a Predominantly Black Institution (PBI) Grant through the United States Department of Education totaling more than $1.7 million. Funding will support LASC’s transformational efforts to increase college enrollment and success among Black students at the college in South Los Angeles.

Grant monies will go toward enhancing LASC’s efforts to create a college-going culture from an early age, provide focused professional development and curricular activities that enhance the Black student experience inside and outside of the classroom, and build a sustainable legacy of funding to support Black students through the establishment of a significant endowment and expand the College’s fundraising capacity. LASC will receive $352,289 each year until 2025, totaling $1,761,445.

“I’m grateful that the U.S. Department of Education recognized the incredible work at Los Angeles Southwest College, but also that there is much more that needs to be done,” LASC President Dr. Seher Awan said. “LASC is committed to breaking systemic barriers and generational poverty through higher education. The establishment of a significant endowment and expanding the college’s fundraising capacity will go a long way in supporting those efforts.”

The U.S. Department of Education granted the funds after reviewing LASC’s five objectives that the monies will go toward. They are:

  • Generate additional revenue for the college to provide meaningful financial support to LASC’s Black student population
  • Expand K-12 outreach capacity
  • Develop a sustainable dual and concurrent enrollment infrastructure to build capacity for increased enrollment
  • Increase marketing, outreach, and in-reach to the Black community
  • Reduce equity gaps across completion, transfer, time to completion, and job placement rates

“LASC is pursuing academic excellence in all levels and is devoted to empowering students to find their voices, their passions, and achieving the freedom to live the lives they want to live,” Awan said. “We take our commitment to our community seriously and strive to be a responsive community partner. These grant monies will support us in this effort to ensure that we continue to focus on the success of our Black students on-campus and within our community."

The U.S. Department of Education’s PBI Program makes grant awards to eligible institutions to plan, develop, undertake and implement programs to enhance the institution's capacity to serve more low- and middle-income Black American students; to expand higher education opportunities for eligible students by encouraging college preparation and student persistence in secondary school and postsecondary education; and to strengthen the financial ability of the institution to serve the academic needs of these students.