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When is the last day to receive an Excused Withdrawal for a class?

Posted on: 05/22/2020

The deadline to receive an automatic EW non-evaluative grade is the last day to drop with a W/EW for the course (e.g., the end of week 12).

The EW grade will automatically post on your student record after you successfully drop the class. To withdraw from a class, log on to your student portal at and click on the “Manage Classes” tile and select the “Drop Classes” tab from the menu. Follow the instructions to drop the class.

After the last day to drop with a W/EW date, a student who continues to experience personal, professional, or academic challenges due to COVID-19 may request an EW by sending an email from their district email account to the A&R email address.

Students may request an EW grade up to one year.

For more information, check-in with Admissions and Records.