Message To Students: LASC Reopening On July 12

Posted on: 07/09/2021

Please take a moment to read the below email from Dr. Seher Awan, President of Los Angeles Soutwest College.

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Hello, Cougars,

It seems like a lifetime ago when Los Angeles Southwest College closed its doors to the public and moved its entire operations online in March 2020. Since that time, we have had to confront so much pain and struggle due to COVID-19, including the loss of fellow students, friends and loved ones. But, despite this, our college has come together during this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and never wavered in its commitment to the community as well as our students inside and outside of our virtual classrooms. 

I’m confident that our college is much stronger than before the pandemic began. As a result, I’m extremely pleased to announce that we will reopen our campus to students, employees, and the public on Monday, July 12. 

Please know that we are not taking this decision to reengage lightly as we are committed to providing a safe environment to our campus community and the public to learn, work, and interact on our campus. Our college has been meeting weekly to navigate changes and challenges to ensure we are providing a safe and welcoming workplace and learning environment. You can see the in-person office hours as well as our virtual office hours for our college programs and departments at this link

I am fully aware of the discomfort that many have and anxiety that can come from change. I want to reassure you that our college is safe and excited to welcome you back to on-campus activities. However, please know that LASC will be following some additional steps to ensure each of us feel as safe as we can while on campus.

The following safety protocols will stay in effect as we return to on-campus operations.

  • All individuals who want to come onto campus will be required to check-in every day using the LASC Safe App. Download the app and complete the self-check-in before coming to campus.
  • Facial coverings while indoors on campus are required, regardless of vaccination status
  • The exemptions to facial coverings are when a person:

o    Is alone in a room

o    Is eating or drinking at the workplace if they are social distancing

o    Has a medical or mental health conditions, or disability, or who is hearing-impaired or communicating with a hearing-impaired person

Our Summer Session II classes that start July 19 will continue to be all online, but we encourage students to stop by campus if they have questions for our student services offices or administrators. Also, many of our classes will return to on-campus activities in the fall. If you need assistance with your schedule, you can speak with a counselor here. If you are struggling with your mental health during this transition back to in-person activities, I encourage you to make an appointment with our health center here.

If you haven't already, take some time to check out our Summer Session II or Fall Semester classes so you can get closer to your educational goals. 

​I look forward to seeing all of you on our campus soon.


Warm Regards,

Seher Awan, Ed.D, MBA, MPA

President, Los Angeles Southwest College

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