No on-campus activities and events available at LASC

Posted on: 03/04/2021

Effective: May 1, 2020

During the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there will be no on-campus activities/events will be available at any of the nine Los Angeles Community College District colleges, including City, East, Harbor, Mission, Pierce, Southwest, Trade-Tech, Valley and West, plus the ELAC South Gate Campus, the Van de Kamp Innovation Center, Mission’s Sunland-Tujunga Satellite and the DistrictOffice.

There will be no gatherings of more than two people and those people are expected to exercise social distancing of at least six (6) feet apart. If something must be distributed on campus or at a District facility, there can be no direct contact and the distributor-distributee must be at least 15 feet apart, such as one who drives up in a vehicle, pops the trunk open, and the distributor drops the pick-up in the trunk.

Any exception to this policy may only be approved by the College President or the appropriate site authority on a single case basis and must comply with all applicable Executive Orders, Public Health Orders, and District policies and procedures. This safety advisory will remain in place until further notice.