President Awan Statement on Unrest in Washington, D.C.

Posted on: 01/07/2021



Janaury 7, 2021

Good Afternoon,

I am writing to you to express the sorrow that I continue to feel today following the actions by a violent mob at the United States capitol yesterday. Seeing this in real time on social media was a horrific experience and has only emboldened me personally to ensure that we continue our social justice efforts. All of us should feel empowered in expressing our thoughts and opinions especially when it pertains to providing our community and our society equity for all.

While the day started with much concern, I was pleased to see our Congressional leaders come together at night to certify Joe Biden as our president. I have trust and confidence that his leadership and that of Vice President Kamala Harris will right this country and move it forward to a place where we all believe it should be.

Like many of you, I found yesterday’s events disturbing and disappointing. However, these events have further focused me on our work and my hope and optimism for the future. Our collective hope, energy, and passion can and will continue to make a difference. I encourage all of you to continue to talk to one another about your experiences so it will bring us to a place of understanding and acceptance. By constantly listening and learning each of us can have a part to play in creating a world that will be safe and fair for one another, the next generation, and beyond. Please continue to take care, support one another, and stay safe.


Warm Regards,


Seher Awan, Ed.D, MBA, MPA

President, Los Angeles Southwest College

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