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Student Success Center

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Welcome To The Student Success Center!

The Student Success Center provides free academic support services to enhance student learning and achievement in a student-centered environment. Our friendly staff is available to assist LASC students with individual and group tutoring. Success seminars are scheduled weekly, and students have access to a computer lab that offers the full Microsoft Office Suite and wireless Internet.

We are also providing support on our Instagram page.



Please note: The Student Success Center will offer tutoring online through Canvas.

  • The Self-Enroll Link for SSC Canvas Shells
  • Once enrolled in the Student Success Center in CANVAS, students will have access to links for tutoring in the following subjects in Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Spanish, English, Math, Anthropology, Psychology, Business, and Political Science.

Student Success Center Tutoring Schedule on Zoom:

  • Mondays - Thursdays: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • Fridays: 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Take a moment to hear from the center's director Dr. Sabrena Turner Odom and this semester's tutors. 

Services Offered:

  • Computer lab, printing, Internet, email, Microsoft Office applications
  • Tutoring (individual and group settings)
  • Learning labs for Spanish 1, 2 and Micro Biology
  • Student Empowerment Workshops (academic and non-academic)
  • Supplemental Instruction in gateway courses
  • Private Study Rooms (2-hour limit when others are waiting)
  • Text Book Borrowing (with current student ID)
  • Student-centered environment 

Also, in the Student Success Center, students are provided the technology to conduct research and complete class assignments including a microbiology lab and a Spanish lab. We also support those students who are already succeeding academically and simply want to enrich their educational experiences at Los Angeles Southwest College.


To see our tutoring schedule, visit this link.

Where is the Student Success Center located?

The Student Success Center is located on the 3RD & 4TH floors of the Cox Library.

How do I contact someone?

You may call to speak to one of our friendly staff members at (323) 241-5455 or you email the director at

What services does the Student Success Center provide?

The SSC provides an array of services including tutoring, study skills seminars, on-demand e platform seminars, computer usage, copying, and printing, quiet study areas, private study rooms, Spanish Lab support and Micro Lab support.

Do you accept walk-ins for tutoring?

Yes. Depending on tutor availability, we will gladly accept walk-in tutorial sessions.

Are children allowed in the SSC?

No, we do not have any programs for children at this time.

Are the tutorial services free?

Yes, all learning support services are free to registered LASC students.

What if I need a tutor in a specific subject, but the SSC does not provide tutoring in that area?

The SSC tutors will make an effort to assist students in all areas.  

What are the requirements to become a Tutor?

To qualify to serve as a tutor, a student must have proved to be proficient in the subject of interest by successfully completing at least one course in the subject of concentration with a "B" or higher. All tutors must receive a faculty recommendation and the department chair's written approval, as well as maintain at least a 2.5 GPA prior to and during their time of employment. Additionally, according to the Human Resource Guide R-320, to serve as a tutor, a student must be a current full-time student working part-time or a part-time student employed part-time in a college work-study program, or in a work experience education program financed by state or federal funds. Please note, students may not work as a tutor while on academic probation or progress probation.

How can I receive an application?

Stop by the Student Success Center office in the Library.

What types of seminars do you offer?

We offer online and land-based support seminars, including study skills, academic, nutrition, and personal life management workshops.

Are seminars available to groups or classes?

Yes. All of the Student Success Center Seminars are available to groups and to classes pursuant the instructor's or counselor's request. We also offer a variety of the seminars online for 24/7 access through for students, faculty, counselors, staff, and the community usage.

How much are copies?

Copies are 10 cents per page. For your convenience, you can retrieve a copy card on the second floor of the library. 

Spanish Lab

Students enrolled in Spanish courses are required to complete 14 hours of Spanish lab in the Student Success Center.

Lab Requirements:

Spanish 1

Complete lessons 1 - 8 of World Languages: Como se dice...? Audio CD Program twice. A corresponding Student Activities Manual is also available for checkout.

Spanish 2

Complete lessons 9 - 18 of World Languages: Como se dice...? Audio CD Program twice.

 Please note:

  • Spanish homework completed in the lab will not count toward Spanish lab credit.
  • It is recommended that students bring their own headphones due to limited availability

Micro Lab

Micro Lab offers students enrolled in Microbiology 1570/1571 opportunities to learn the parts, function, and focus of a Compound Microscope and access to view bacteria at 100x in the Student Success Center. A valid student ID is required to access microscopes.

Math Lab

Students enrolled in Math courses with a Lab requirement must complete 18 hours of study in the Math Lab. The Math Lab located in TEC building 190. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is available in developmental and gateway courses with high enrollment and low success rates. SI provides structured group study sessions that cover material from faculty lectures and designated chapters according to course syllabi. SI leaders hold multiple weekly study sessions where they model successful student behaviors and study skills including note taking and questioning techniques to enhance the understanding of course material and emphasizes the importance of engagement in the learning process.

Courses with SI are offered in multiple disciplines to strengthen student equity and student success.  Course success rate data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is used to identify new courses selected for SI sessions.

Beginning in fall 2015, the SI program will be restructured to support future sustainability.  The new format will consist of faculty members identifying student leaders who are enrolled in their identified courses in week two of each semester.  These recommended student leaders would be paid ten hours per week to hold study sessions with peers outside of class in the Student Success Center.  Each new SI will be assigned SI coach, who is a veteran SI leader, to mentor them and provide guidance throughout the semester.  Although the number of SI leaders provided will be determined by budget allotment, the new structure of the program will permit the college to empower additional student leaders and maximize the success of students enrolled in selected courses. 

Student Lingo offers 47 online Student Success workshops that are available to LASC students 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  

Workshops are offered in the following areas:

  • Personal Management
  • Financial Literacy
  • Academic and Career Exploration
  • Learning Strategies
  • Writing Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Test-taking skills, and much more.

Several Student Lingo workshops are available in Spanish. 

For assistance with Student Lingo, contact the Student Success Center at (323) 241-5455 or stop by the 3rd floor of the Cox Library.

To access the Student Lingo workshops, visit