Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Pathway

Students at COX Building

Welcome To Guided Pathways! Transforming Lives Through Pathways

Welcome students and faculty! Your seven new Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) are here! You will notice that starting in the Fall 2020 semester, your majors are part of CAPs which includes a collection of similar degrees and certificates offered here at Los Angeles Southwest College. The current Academic Divisions (Departments) are part of these pathways so you can visit their web page by clicking on the major of your choice 

Your CAP gives you an opportunity to clearly see the academic and career choices you select while ensuring you stay on your path towards graduation.  

To get more information about the courses for your CAP please visit your Program Mapper website or make an appointment with your LASC counselor lobby today through ConexED! 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Liberal Arts: Natural Science 


Mathematics: Computer Science 



Computer Application and Office Technology(CAOT) 

Liberal Arts: Computer Application and Office Technology 

Liberal Arts: Electronics 

Computer Science: Information Technology (IT) 

Computer Science: Computer Information Systems (CIS) 

Electronics Technology 




Certificate of Achievement: 

Homeland Security and Computer Networks 

Homeland Security Network Administrator 

Skilled Certificates: 

Internet Webmaster Associate (CIWA)