Language Arts, Online, & Student Support Division

Graduation Celebration

Elevate Your Education and Your Mind

We can help you meet your academic and career goals through developing your communication, reading, and critical-thinking skills, and providing you important support services to help you reach your goals, through academic counseling and providing online and hybrid courses to give you the flexibility to get ahead on your time.

Counseling Department

Our counselors can help you meet your educational, career, and personal goals, and stay on track throughout the year. And, our counseling courses can help you navigate college and decide on a program of study and future career.

Distance Education Department

Online and hybrid courses can give you a flexible way to get ahead, as they meet the same standards and cover the same information as our face-to-face courses. Fit them into your schedule to balance life, work, and school!

English & Foreign Languages Department

Explore new worlds and become better at problem-solving, communicating, and decision-making through deepening your reading and writing skills. You can study English, journalism, reading, English as a Second Language (ESL), and foreign languages, such as Spanish and French. 


We want to ensure every student has the opportunity to study, learn, and explore through using the local and online resources the LASC Library provides. And, Library Science courses can help you learn how to find and use the information to make informed decisions, solve problems, and write class papers.

Student Success Center

Have what you need for your classes to perform your best. You have access to private study rooms, textbook borrowing, individual and group tutoring sessions, learning labs for Spanish and Microbiology, computer labs with internet access and printing capabilities, and much more. Find out what we have to help you succeed!